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COVID-19: Resources and How You Can Help

Help Out Your Elders!  Oakland At Risk Match is a nonprofit that pairs health young-adults with low risk-factors for COVID with an elder or immuno-compromised member of the community who might need help over the next few weeks.

Meal Discounts:

  • Mixt Greens is offering heavily discounted nutritional meals

Work Opportunities:

  • Upcall - Within 2 days you could earn a min of $12 a hour working from home

Donate Blood or Platelets!  Blood donors are essential, but fear surrounding COVID-19 has motivated people to cancel their donation appointments.  This is resulting in a severe blood shortage.  If you are healthy, please consider donating.

Vitalant and Red Cross have several donation centers throughout the Bay Area.

Donate to or Volunteer With a Food Bank!  Many are very low on volunteers and donations.  Here are some local food banks and delivery programs in need:

San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

Food Runners (SF)

Project Open Hand (SF and East Bay)

California Association of Food Banks


Free Home Workouts:

  • Do Yoga With Me - online yoga classes (Figi McAlpine is our favorite)

  • Touchstone - one of our favorite climbing gyms has online yoga/workout sessions

  • LesMilles - 30 day trial of meditations and workouts

  • Equinox - online workouts and resources

Free Entertainment:

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