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COVID-19: Resources and How You Can Help

Help Out Your Elders!  Oakland At Risk Match is a nonprofit that pairs health young-adults with low risk-factors for COVID with an elder or immuno-compromised member of the community who might need help over the next few weeks.

Masks with flag football logos of the Bay Area are for sale! Proceeds go to girls who otherwise may not be able to afford organized sports.



1 for $15 or 2 for $20

Huge "thank-you" to our ref, Lawrence for organizing!


Work Opportunities:

  • Upcall - Within 2 days you could earn at least $12 a hour working from home

Donate Blood or Platelets!  Blood donors are essential, but fear surrounding COVID-19 has motivated people to cancel their donation appointments.  This is resulting in a severe blood shortage.  If you are healthy, please consider donating.

Vitalant and Red Cross have several donation centers throughout the Bay Area.

Donate to or Volunteer With a Food Bank!  Many are very low on volunteers and donations.  Here are some local food banks and delivery programs in need:

San Francisco-Marin Food Bank

Food Runners (SF)

Project Open Hand (SF and East Bay)

California Association of Food Banks


Free Home Workouts:

  • Do Yoga With Me - online yoga classes (Figi McAlpine is our favorite)

  • Touchstone - one of our favorite climbing gyms has online yoga/workout sessions

  • LesMilles - 30 day trial of meditations and workouts

  • Equinox - online workouts and resources

Free Entertainment:

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