Although we've stopped finding turf balls in shoes we've never worn to the fields, our sheets, and/or other completely bewildering places(!)... we're missing you more than ever.


It's been a tougher-than-usual time for every single one of us, and to see this community come together for virtual happy hours, Club 'Rona music sets, and other socially distant hangs has been beyond heart warming.  What's more is you've collectively donated $3,025 of refunded dues to help SFWFFLers who are small business owners, self-employed, or were otherwise hit extra hard by this pandemic.


Fierce competitors running openhanded to lift opponents up during this time of need captures the beauty of this league better than words in this message ever can. Alas, our deepest, most sincere gratitude to everyone who has contributed monetarily, musically, socially, and otherwise to the well-being of the SFWFFL community.

We appreciate you.

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